Wapiti Camera Strap

Pros:                                         Cons:

Thin                                         Still looking for some!


Tacky Elk Leather

High weight bearing



Although there are probably more camera straps available on the market than there are cameras (and that is really saying something these days) this one stands out above the rest. They are made by a photojournalist named David Grubbs out of Billings, Montana. Made from Elk leather. And tough enough to withstand my rough abuse.


I have been using Wapiti bugle strap for 4 years now and it has performed flawlessly. Most people feel fine with the manufacturers strap but there are several things that, for a serious sports or outdoor photographer, this strap comes out superior.


Mainly, it is much more comfortable for long periods of time. It doesn’t cut into your shoulder or neck with the edges and it doesn’t hold in the heat like the manufactured Canon or Nikon straps. Also, because of the elk hide, the strap stays where you put it a lot better.


The straps are made with a very strong nylon webbing with the Elk hide attached underneath. I have found that it handles very well in all the climates I have put it up to from very cold and dry to very hot and humid and everything in between.


I usually like to find some flaws in the products I review, but honestly I haven’t found anything yet. For some one who has frayed many a camera strap it is nice to finally have one that I can trust with my equipment. It may seem a little pricy or unnecessary at first glance, but if you shoot long periods of time, you don’t want to be thinking about how much your strap hurts when the moment you are waiting for comes.

For more information visit: http://www.wapitistraps.com/

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