The Rezurrection Line

On a typical cold and inverted December morning in Missoula, Montana snow is slowly falling. While most residents are excited about a day of skiing, if they are even awake by 8 am, a select few are packing span sets, webbing, rope, pulleys, bolts, and a hammer drill into packs for a day of slacklining in the mountains.


After some determined vandalism of The Plank on Mill Creek, David Hobbs moved to a new location to establish the Rezurrection line, which is great for all seasons in Montana, especially winter. Maybe that only applies to Hobbs, but at the top of a finger canyon, you can’t help but enjoy the odd sensation of snowflakes being blown up from your feet instead of falling on your head while overlooking striking green lichen covered granite and the valley floor far below.


While sitting on the line is enough for everyone else willing to try it, Hobbs walked laps back an forth.

“It is the perfect length for me right now, I can focus on more than making it across,” Hobbs said.

With a little urging, he got three of us to try it out. I know one thing for certain, I will be working on chongo start so I can get some walking in, Abe Schmidt( will be buying his own set, and Eric Wall will be getting a down jacket amongst other mountaineering essentials.


Our friends Jesse Spaulding and Hannah Weinert brought their video drone and will have a short video out soon.

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