Eric Oravsky

Eric Climbing in Valdilecha.

Eric climbing out of a canyon in Valdilecha, Spain.

You most likely have seen him in the commercials for Energizer batteries, however he ditched the drum and the pink bunny suit a long time ago. Stopping is not an option for Eric, sleep is optional, and getting him to sit for long periods of time is about like pulling teeth. Eric is a dabbler in every part of his life, but one thing that all of his focus comes to is nature.

Currently Eric is in Antarctica as a baker(his profession for this year) and is planning to put on some mega mountain miles next summer in Montana running, biking, and kayaking and get some records rolling in-between work as head baker for Rock Creek Cattle Company.

He studied Photojournalism, Linguistic Anthropology, Psychology, and Geology at the University of Montana.

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