Youth of Power



“Youth is wasted on the young” – George Bernard Shaw

Agitation rings in the sound behind these words. While there is much admiration for Shaw, those who reference this line often miss the finer accomplishments of youth in blind bitterness. In a day and age where old is a technology used 10 years ago, the veterans can often be in your same generation, leaving older generations behind at a far faster rate.

While social and work dynamics have changed tremendously, old knowledge goes a long way with new technology. Many talk when they should listen, but those who listen learn far faster. Remember, that everything learned, came from something or someone much older than yourself and conversely, movements rarely happen without the energy of the youth.

So, before you forge a path ahead into the unknown, learn a little. Accomplishments can be a great place to jump from, but it is the mistakes of others that offer the biggest stepping stones. It takes an old CAT to make a stronger one.

“We are like dwarves perched on the shoulders of giants” – Bernard of Chartres

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