Enjoying the Weather


Stopping to admire Mt. Erebus the other day with some dappled clouds rolling across its base. I got excited about the possibility of another storm and it got me thinking about weather. Growing up in Montana and hearing all the usual weather jokes: If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes. Hot today, hail tomorrow. There is no bad weather, only bad gear…

It is the last one that stuck with me since most places I haven’t lived since then are either sunny or not leaving very little difficulty in prediction. This summer season in Antarctica started out with an exceptionally stormy front followed by exceptionally uninhibited sun. Alaska had record rainfall after a record drought last year.

While I have been running through these drastically different climates it has made me happy no matter what weather I encountered. However, I continually field questions along the lines of, “How do you stand all that rain?” “Isn’t it cold?” “The wind is awful, why do you run in it?”

It makes me realize more and more how people let the weather dictate their mood. I feel that it must be a miserable world to wake up in the morning and have your feelings for the day dictated by forces out of your control.

All weather brings with it a different set of challenges. To me, confronting these challenges is a deep part of the enjoyment I get from day to day life. Turning from the weather is only a way to build a box to shield of from the stimulants that this planet has to offer. The problem I see people having with the weather is often a deeper seeded problem in their lives that they are unwilling or unable to confront.

So next time it rains, or it is exceptionally hot or cold, or the weather that you despise shows its face, go out. Find a challenge, find a simple joy, I think you might surprise yourself. You might find that the weather that has put you down can actually build you up if you let it.

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