We’re small on Ice


There is something about Antarctica that reminds me just how small we are. Expanses of ice sheets reaching out in all directions, islands of mountains, and after that? Some of the worlds roughest oceans.

Down here people are a long ways from anyone else. It doesn’t take long to realize that objects are not as close as they appear. To the demise of many early explorers, light travels in funny ways down here. Sometimes removing objects from view, sometimes stretching them out, or even pulling things into view that should be out of sight over the horizon.

With all of these pieces added up, it is no wonder that Antarctica receives a reputation as a harsh continent, but there is something else that I find here and that is just how powerful we are as humans. This harsh continent, like any beast, is only tough on the outside.

Upon closer observation, it is easy to see just how delicate this landscape is and how vulnerable the few hardy species that call this place home are. It doesn’t take much for humans to destroy things before we realize it.

However, destruction isn’t what shows me our strength, but rather what we can accomplish. If we can destroy things in such ease without thinking, what can we do when we put our minds to it? Solve the problems of the world? Move to other planets? Clean up after ourselves?

If I can send this message from the southernmost continent out to the world from a warm building with all the food I can eat, I’m pretty sure these can all happen in my life time.

It is going to take a more people to find their passion rather than fall to the comforts before them.

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