The Road North

The Road North

Most adventures are to get away from the road. The hustle. The mechanical noise. People. To carve a new path in an unknown place. Living in a town with a road to nowhere seems like a perfectly suitable place to start an adventure. However, the road to nowhere has a surprising amount of traffic. For not being connected to anything, Juneau rumbles along louder than any other town I know of 33,000 people. Add in a steady stream of cruise ships, cargo barges, and a large amount of air traffic; it becomes rather hard to escape the town buzz.

Perhaps a more sea faring person would find it less constricting. A boat goes a lot further than a road does in southeast Alaska. Regardless, when Haines received me with blue skies, dazzling fall colors, and a road north… Let’s just say excited doesn’t describe it. I am ready road that can take me somewhere.

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