The Mighty Mendenhall

The Mighty Mendenhall

It has been a while since I made my way to a post. Too long. I have been getting some order to my life, and getting familiar with Juneau, Alaska. Sunnier here than normal this summer, or so I’m told. It is a hard place to say good-bye to, even if this is only a temporary bye. As Sarah Ginter put it, “Juneau is too painfully beautiful to not be raining and cloudy. It wears you out! I mean look at that(Pointing to the Chilkat Mountains at Sunset), It is too beautiful.” (A fellow guide for the summer now on another amazing bike tour: ) Indeed it is true. With long hours of daylight, pristine mountains, and clear skies the only thing I wanted to do after work was long runs into the wilderness. Running over 90 miles of trail this summer and many more on no particular path at all, I am ready now to return with a kayak for new lands. Now I have packed all of my life into my 2 door Honda Accord and heading north into the interior of Alaska for October. I have never been more ready for an open road, at the same time, it is hard to leave the Mendenhall with such beautiful light.

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