Letters from the end of the world

See through fish under 3 meters of ice near the shore in McMurdo Sound. Water temp, -4ºC.

White, It is a beautiful site. Many people see Antarctica as a cold dark corner of the earth better to avoid than vacation to. For me, Antarctica has been a dream since I was very little. The life here is a combination of necessity and determination. Exotic in it’s looks and hardy in their nature. Everything from see-through fish to, powerful orcas cruise the waters undeterred by its below freezing temperatures(an average of -4ºC)

The landscape often makes my jaw drop as well after stepping out of a dark dwelling and into the sun, regardless of the time of day. The glaciers here fill the gaps between the mountains that places like Glacier National Park only contains ancient remnants of.

The population is hovering just over a thousand, but with people coming in and out all the time, it feels more like living in a transportation hub. And as hard as I may try to leave Missoula, I find myself surrounded by Missoulians here.

Among all of the support staff here, I find myself as a baker. An ironic combination of a hot oven room on the coldest continent. It keeps me busy which is good since, for such a large continent, there is very little you are allowed to do. Sort of like torture, seeing mountains and not being able to get to them without jumping hoops and barrels. In my off time there is fortunately a nice trail system on the island which I have made use of for running trails, which is still considered a little crazy even by people down here…

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