The way is how ever you get there

The way is how ever you get there

It is time again for a new chapter from Eric Oravsky: Juneau, Alaska — My computer is dying. Money is scarce. And I haven’t had an address to call home for a month now. It’s been tough, and it’s been exhilarating. I’ve been out tackling glaciers, leaping over mountains, chasing whales, and running with the bears. But the trails here are different. They are the best kinds of trails. Like the stories where you get to chose your own ending. They start, and split, and disappear. Some where once part of mining or lumber. Some are maintained at the start while others aren’t maintained at all. Some contain warnings while others encourage you towards the danger. One thing is certain up here though, there are more trails than roads. And where the trails end, there is a seemingly endless terrain to occupy even extraordinary amounts of time. As I run over these mountains, through the streams and over the ice I hope to show just a little bit of this land and it’s secrets. As I take the trails beyond the broken bridges, under the vanishing glaciers, and over the icy waters in search of what will make this next adventure.