Surfing in Missoula, Montana

KB and Luke Rieker over at Strongwater tell a little bit about surfing in Missoula, Montana on a February evening.

Winter River Surfing

It has been a bit warm here in Missoula the past few days. While most of us are mourning the loss of snow and the increase of avalanche danger The guys over at… Continue reading

In Defense of Running

I ran the Routeburn Track end-to-end-to-end yesterday. It is one of the great walks here in NZ. A beautiful track with views of rugged mountains, glacial hanging valleys, and even to the Tasman… Continue reading

Back in Time.

There is something so intriguing about an abandoned building. Something so intriguing that you can find yourself not only lost in its eerie remains, but lost in its history. What was it like… Continue reading

Old Fashioned Play Ground Adventure

Gopro doesn’t like the cold…

So, I took my first shots with the Hero 3 silver edition at the Snowbowl Throw Down USSA freestyle event here is Missoula. I learned real quickly that even this tough little camera… Continue reading

Cold night with hot water and a starry sky

“I don’t want to go home!” Tosca Dingjan complained. I don’t blame her. I enjoyed my time in the Netherlands, but it does not house the wild. Here, meteors streak the sky. The… Continue reading